67 MarTech Bloggers: They’re the Reason for this Site, They’re the Inspiration

67 Inspirational martech bloggers

The best online business tools series on the Webbiquity blog, which led eventually to the creation of this website, is the result of months of research, cataloging more than 100 reviews from 67 experts, covering more than 700 unique tools across nearly 50 categories.

Several have acknowledged their contribution along the way and helped promote the series; a few may still be unaware of the role their wisdom and judgments played.

So, with apologies for the reference to the maudlin Chicago tune in the title above, to fully recognize all the bloggers, journalists, and other experts whose work inspired development of the Webbiquity series and this site—here are the 67 reviewers.

Aaron Riddle
Adam Connell
Aidan Huang
Alexandra Jacopetti0
Amanda Pressner Kreuser
Amanda Stillwagon
Anders Orsander
Anders Pink
Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Medal
Andy Crestodina
Ann Smarty
Antonio Calero
Ashley Feinberg
Carolyn Nicander Mohr
Catherine Pham
Cent Muruganandam
Christopher S. Penn
Dan Trefethen
Daniel Hebert
David Leonhardt
Dhiraj Das
Emily Bonnie
Emily Taing
Frederik Vincx
Holly Chessman
Ian Anderson Gray
Ian Cleary
Igor Beuker
Jack Simpson
Jackie Dove
John Lincoln
Julia McCoy
Kari Rippetoe
Kathryn Aragon
Katie Lance
Kevan Lee
Kevin Webster
Kim Roach
Kristen Tischhauser
Kristi Hines
Lauren Goode
Lesya Liu
Lilach Bullock
Lindsay Kolowich
Lisa Sicard
Matthew Capala
Michael Brenner
Michael Estrin
Michael Stelzner
Mike Lizun
Mike Williams
Nate McGee
Neil Patel
Nick Mead
Nikhil Jain
Nikki Woods
Patrick Whatman
Rebekah Radice
Richard O’Flynn
Robbie Richards
Shira Abel
Stephanie Castillo
Teddy Hunt
Tim Ash
Ty Rothstein
Wendy Marx

Thank you all!

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      Tom Pick says:

      Hi Wendy – I’m sure everyone else here feels the same about being included with you. 🙂

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