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Does the world need yet another website dedicated to marketing technology? Clearly, this site is based on a belief the answer is “yes,” particularly to address the concerns of small to midsized (SMB) B2B businesses.

While there are a number of established and varied marketing technology-focused sites around, most seem to fall broadly into two categories.

Expert (Enterprise Martech) Sites

These are the sites and blogs maintained by the industry analyst groups (Gartner, IDC, etc.) as well as experts like Scott Brinker of ChiefMartec, David Raab at Customer Experience Matrix, and Douglas Karr at the Marketing Technology Blog.

These brilliant writers and thinkers are among the top influencers in marketing technology, along with Lana K. Moore, Mike Quindazzi, Stewart Rogers, Joe Rizzo, Steve Woods, Matt Heinz, and others on this martech experts Twitter list.

They cover topics like big data analytics, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented/virtual reality, and predictive analytics, which resonate with enterprise marketers—but aren’t often part of everyday life for SMB marketers.

Marketing Technology Review Sites

At the tactical end of the spectrum are the  marketing technology review and ratings sites. These well-known and highly regarded sites list thousands of products, enabling visitors to compare tools, check overall ratings, and read user reviews. These include:

  • Capterra
  • Cloudswave
  • DiscoverCloud
  • G2 Crowd
  • GetApp
  • Serchen
  • Siftery
  • Software Advice
  • SoftwareInsider
  • TrustRadius

These sites play a vital role in the research and evaluation phase for specific tools. But their coverage is very broad and the focus is generally more on product features and functions rather than marketing processes and technology strategy.

B2BMarketing.Technology: The B2B SMB Martech Strategy Site

Where B2B Marketing Technology fits in the martech infosphereThis site is designed to fill a gap between review sites and enterprise blogs. It’s designed to be a resource to help marketing leaders in small to midmarket B2B companies make more strategic marketing technology purchase decisions.

Visually, it’s positioned as show at right: more strategic than the review sites, more mid-market focused than most analysts.

It’s a bit like Growthverse, but with more of a strategic guidance / less directory-like focus.

Curious: what are the biggest martech challenges your organization is facing? Where do you turn for answers?