Review: SalesHandy as a B2B Lead Generation Tool

Personalize email campaigns for B2B lead generation - SalesHandy

Lead generation is always challenging, so it’s great to have a helping hand. When you contact and nurture a potential lead pool, it’s important to identify the most engaged prospects from that pool. This helps you focus your efforts to achieve better results.

SalesHandy is an email tool that helps you understand which prospects from your lead pool are highly engaged and most likely to convert into a lead when you contact them.


In the initial stages of lead generation, you need to find the prospects from your industry and qualify those prospects to determine if they have the potential to become qualified leads. Segmentation is also important once you qualify these prospects; you need to categorize your prospects based on relevant criteria, such as title, company size, and product interest.

Once you qualify your prospects, the next step is to nurture them, moving them through the sales funnel using compelling content and calls to action such as webinar invitations. This is where you identify your potential leads by monitoring the response to your outreach. This is when SalesHandy comes into the picture.

SalesHandy’s mail merge feature allows you to send personalized mass emails. You can nurture your leads effectively by viewing real-time engagement data of all individual recipients in your email campaigns. You can then focus on the most engaged prospects and take necessary actions to convert those leads.

To get started using Saleshandy, you just need to upload a CSV file containing your prospects’ data to the web app.

To improve your lead generation campaign’s response rate, you can set up multi-stage automatic follow-up emails to your email campaign (or even individual emails), based on conditions like not opened/not replied/been sent:

  • Not opened – Follow-up emails will be sent to the recipients who have not opened your previous email.
  • Not replied – Follow-up emails will be sent to the recipients who have not replied to your previous email.
  • Been sent – Follow-up emails will be sent to all the recipients irrespective of above conditions.

This flowchart explains the effective use of “not replied” condition. You can send multi-stage follow-ups this illustration shows a simple two-stage campaign.

Setting up a 2-stage email campaign in SalesHandy

In addition to helping you generate more engagement and responses from your potential leads, SalesHandy provides detailed engagement metrics for your email campaign by tracking recipient behavior of each email of your campaign/individual email. Along with the email, you can also track links that you include in the email and documents attached to your email campaign/email.

There are several other benefits of using SalesHandy. Its email scheduling feature enables you to contact your potential prospects when they are most likely to open your messages. This increases your email response rate and ultimately helps generate more leads.

Save time when sending the same email repeatedly by creating an email template. SalesHandy reports the success rate of each template used so you can share the most effective messages with team members.

After effectively contacting your prospects, the last step is to convert them into leads. Whether you want to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) or Sales Qualifed Leads (SQLs), SalesHandy can help. It provides rich analytics and reports on its dashboard so you get in-depth engagement data analytics. It enables you to identify warm leads in real time.

SalesHandy analytics for MQLs and SQLs


SalesHandy displays recipient engagement analytics such as:

  • email open rates,
  • reply rate and
  • link tracking

These help you understand the interest level of your prospects, which will help you identify warm contacts that qualify as MQL’s.

SalesHandy analytics - warm leads and MQLs

To assist with the next step of converting MQLs into SQL’s, you can share documents related to your product/services with contacts to convert them into SQL’s using SalesHandy’s document tracking feature.

SalesHandy document tracking enables you to share collateral and generate detailed, real-time reader engagement data including:

  • the number of times the attached document was opened
  • the total time spent on the document
  • time spent on each page and
  • the average percentage viewed of the document.

SalesHandy collateral engagement tracking

These insights help you idenrify which MQLs will most likely to convert to SQLs, and make informed decisions.

For lead generation professionals, SalesHandy helps not only to save time on outreach and automate follow-up, but also provides insights that helps to identify and focus on the most engaged contacts, improving conversion rates.

There are few tools that provide email campaign management with automated follow-up, email tracking, email templates, and document tracking combined in a single easy-to-use solution.


SalesHandy has competitive pricing options ranging from free to $40 per user per month, based on particular requirements. Visit and click “Pricing” to see all of their pricing options. All paid plans include 24-7 priority support for any product questions or issues.

The individual plan is free forever, and all paid plans offer a 14-day free trial period. So there’s no risk in taking SalesHandy for a test drive.