Marketing technology purchase decisions should, of course, be based on careful consideration of strategic and functional needs. But the vendors here are great additions to virtually any relevant short list.

Webbiquity and/or Tom Pick have affiliate relationships with the following vendors.

Content Strategy and Development

Tools to help you plan, research, and develop both text and visual content.

Automatically improve your writingOnline Writing Tools and Apps

Grammarly helps you be a better writer by eliminating most writing mistakes. It scans your text for proper use of more than 250 advanced grammar rules.

Easily design infographics and data visualizationsInfographic Creation Tools and Services

Choose a template and visualize your data with charts, maps, videos, images, and/or icons, then generate an embed code to post on your blog or website. Also enables creation of interactive visualizations.

Website Design and Optimization

Tools to help you design and build websites, and optimize them for organic search.

Competitive keyword research toolKeyword Research Tools for SEO and SEM

SEMrush is a powerful keyword tool that will display, for any website, the top ranking keywords in both organic and paid search,  along with organic rank, rank changes, and keyword volume trends.

Complete local SEO reportingAll-in-One SEO Tool Suites

The top all-in-one reporting platform for local SEO. Provides organic, maps & mobile search rankings; citations, reviews, and backlinks; competitor benchmarking; and integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.

Social Media Marketing

Tools to help you create social content as well as increase your following and engagement.

Easily create Facebook campaigns and contestsFacebook Marketing Tools

Heyo simplifies the process of creating sweepstakes, contests, and campaigns, as well as driving engagement with Sweepstakes, Photo Contests, and Group Deals.

Grow your following on Google+Google+ Marketing Tools

Friends+Me lets you schedule posts on Google+, cross-promote those posts to your accounts on other popular social networks, and coordinate posting activities with team members.

Influencer Relations

Tools to help identify, prioritize, and engage with key influencers in your industry.

The standard in influencer marketingInfluencer Marketing Tools

A combination influencer marketing / social media monitoring / competitive analysis tool that lets you find influencers by subject area, analyze social profiles for qualifications, manage relationship, track brand mentions on social media, and report on results.

Powerful professional video toolsContent Distribution and Amplification Tools

Vimeo is the more business-oriented version of YouTube. It offers many similar video sharing tools and features, but viewers won’t be directed to funny cat videos when they are done viewing yours.

Online Advertising

Tools to create online campaigns, monitor ad performance, and gain competitive insights.

Create engaging social media campaignsSocial Media Campaign Tools

Collect leads, boost engagement and drive sales using landing pages, contests, and forms. Tweet your campaign, post it on your Facebook Timeline, in your Instagram bio, or even in an email. Your published ShortStack Campaign can act as a hub to help manage your marketing efforts across multiple channels.

Monitor online advertising performanceAd Monitoring Tools

Identify which ads work best, where. Keep track of your competitors’ strategies, to effectively plan and buy advertising more efficiently. Get insights into their campaign strategies, and use these insights to improve how you advertise online.

Prospect Marketing

Tools to help at the middle and bottom of the funnel, guiding prospects through the buying process.

Easy marketing automation for small businessesMarketing Automation Tools

Drip offers small to midsized businesses easy-to-use marketing automation and integrates with popular landing page builders.

Manage email lists and subscribersEmail Marketing Tools

AWeber is a full-featured email service provider with capabilities for building auto-responder sequences, campaigns, newsletters, customized sign-up forms, RSS to email, HTML templates with drag-and-drop editing, and email marketing tracking—all with high deliverability.

Metrics and Analytics

Tools to measure content and digital marketing performance for continual improvement.

Find the technology behind any websiteCompetitive Intelligence and Benchmarking Tools

Enter any URL to see details of the technology used to build that website, or search this tool’s database to see which sites use shopping carts, analytics, hosting and many more.

Visitor-oriented analytics with web session recordingWeb Analyics Tools

Inspectlet records videos of your visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do. See every mouse movement, scroll, click, and keypress. Pinpoint what gets visitors’ attention, what causes confusion, and where individual users dropped off within the conversion funnel.

Business Operations

Tools for accounting, finance, HR, project management, and more.

Small business accounting softwareAccounting and Finance Tools

Xero is online accounting software with functionality for invoicing and quoting, inventory tracking, purchase orders, billing and expenses, and payroll, plus integration with more than 500 apps for timesheets, ecommerce, expense management and more.

Project management softwareProject Management Tools

Wrike is a flexible collaboration and project management tool for teams of all sizes. Create projects, request forms, manage and edit files, produce Gantt Charts, manage resources, keep track of time and budget, collaborate, create to-do lists, and sync with popular calendar and email systems.

Personal Productivity

Tools to help you improve your skills and make better use of your time.

Learn new professional skills onlineOnline Education Tools for Business Pros

Udemy is an online academy offering 40,000 courses across an incredibly wide range of subjects, and has served more than 11 million students. Classes are self-paced and accessible on any device.

Automatic time tracking appPersonal Productivity Tools

Chrometa is an automatic time tracker that captures your time as you work on your PC, Mac, Android, or iPhone. No need to stop and start timers. Integrates with popular billing apps (like QuickBooks and FreshBooks) and email systems.