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News, insights, and reviews to address the marketing technology challenges of small to midsized B2B businesses.

How to create a content treehouse

10 Types of Online Tools to Take Your Content from Ordinary to Awesome

To rise above the online noise today, your content needs to be exceptional. These 10 categories of content development tools can help you plan, research, and write more compelling copy, then supplement it with visuals to make your output truly…
Between the marketing technology review sites and martech giants - marketing technology

Walking in the Shadow of Martech Giants

Does the world need yet another website dedicated to marketing technology? Clearly, this site is based on a belief the answer is "yes," particularly to address the concerns of small to midsized (SMB) B2B businesses. While there are a number…
What are your top marketing technology challenges?

Top B2B Martech Challenges - What Do You Think?

This website, as noted on the home page, "is designed to help marketing professionals—particularly in small-to-midsized B2B companies—make more strategic decisions about acquiring marketing technology (martech) tools." It's based on experience…
67 Inspirational martech bloggers

67 MarTech Bloggers: They're the Reason for this Site, They're the Inspiration

The best online business tools series on the Webbiquity blog, which led eventually to the creation of this website, is the result of months of research, cataloging more than 100 reviews from 67 experts, covering more than 700 unique tools across…
The Website Visibility and Engagement Model - Marketing Technology Model

The Website Visibility and Engagement Model for MarTech Explained

Revised July 14, 2017 The interactive graphic on our home page extends the established web presence optimization framework into "post-CRM" marketing (communication with known prospects, leads, and customers) to provide a useful model for…
B2B Marekting Technology

B2BMarketing.Technology: What's All This About?

Spending on marketing technology (martech) is exploding. According to IDC data reported in Forbes, CMOs and other marketing leaders will spend nearly $30 billion on martech applications in 2017, and more than $32 billion in 2018. Using Gartner…